Advantages of Ultra-low Volume sprayers

- Oct 23, 2017 -

Ultra-low Volume sprayer in the control of flowers and plants, lawn and crop pests and diseases, compared with commonly used sprayers, with fast, efficient, lightweight, cost-saving advantages. The specific performance is:

1. Use less water

The ultra low volume sprayer uses the pesticide liquid, or only passes through the extremely macroscopic dilution, therefore it does not need the massive water.

2. Less dosage

Each mu of spray liquid 100 grams, rather than dozens of kilograms, even hundreds of kilograms. Therefore, in use can greatly reduce the intensity of labor, saving labor.

3. Uniform distribution of droplets

Ultra-low volume sprayer is not directly sprayed on the plant, but by the wind to the diameter of only dozens of micron droplets dispersed drift, and then in the plant around the "micro-airflow" effect, the droplet evenly distributed in the plant leaves and the whole plant on the positive, negative and lateral. In this way, it is better than adding a large amount of diluted water to the pest's killing rate, especially for some already resistant pests. Because the killing function of pesticide liquid is more than dozens of times times higher than diluted by water.

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