Agricultural classification of Sprayers

- Oct 23, 2017 -

I.General hand-cranked sprayer:


1. Low price.

2. Easy to repair accessories low prices.


1. Inefficient, labor intensity is not suitable for large-area operations.

2. The liquid medicine has the running, the risk, the leakage, the drop phenomenon, the operator body is easy to be wet by the liquid medicine, easily toxic not environmental protection.

3. The high maintenance rate is too troublesome.

II. High Pressure automatic sprayer:


1. High efficiency (up to 3 to 4 times times of common hand sprayer), low labor intensity, continuous operation.

2. Easy to wear the lowest maintenance rate, basic no use cost.

3. atomization reaches or surpasses the electric sprayer, the direct spraying range reaches 7 to 11 meters.


1. The sprayer takes about two minutes to take the medicine water pressure into the sprayer before it can spray.

2. The use of different methods and other sprayers to read the manual can be used well.

III. Electric Sprayer:


1. High efficiency (can reach the common hand sprayer 3 to 4 times times), low labor intensity, easy to use.

2. The first impression is good, easy to sell


1. The capacity of the battery determines the length of continuous operation time of the sprayer.

2. Brand too many models of different parts of the general maintenance is not easy, repair costs are too high. The warranty period over the battery also

Almost, change to more than 100 pieces, water pumps are also easy to have trouble is not very good repair.

3. Because of the electrical aspects of something, must be repaired by the professional.

IV. Mobile Sprayers


1. High efficiency spray effect is good.


1. High price, high cost of use, each bucket of water to a few cents to a dollar oil.

2. From the major, noise, pollution, high temperature, hand operating environment is poor.

3. Need professional maintenance.

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