Classification of flower Pots

- Oct 23, 2017 -

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Flower pots are diverse in size. Flower producers or growers can choose flower pots according to the characteristics and needs of the flowers and the characteristics of the flowerpots. Here are some common flowerpots.

1.FRP Flowerpot: Also known as the FRP flowerpot, the texture by the mud sculpture or open mold. Various styles, rugged, not deformed, corrosion-resistant. Complete specifications. The surface can do a variety of color effects.

2.Sandstone Flowerpot: This basin is made of fine sandstone carving, the color is diverse, is the best material in the flower pot, the surface can do the effect.

3.GRC Cement Flowerpot: This flowerpot is more bulky. Pot of cement added anti-corrosion, imitation freeze, imitation corrosion material plus fiber cloth, durable, surface effect can be made of spray true stone paint effect.

4.Magnesite flowerpot: Mixed Magnesia and brine, add modifier, will be mixed with good slurry paste on the glass mesh, the production of the need for flower pots. This flowerpot is inexpensive and has a variety of styles. Durable。 Indoor Decoration Boutique.

5.Pen: Also known as the Mud basin, the burning basin. This basin with clay fired into, there are red and gray two kinds, drainage breathable performance, low price, complete specifications, the most suitable for family flowers.

6.Purple Sand Basin: Also known as Pottery basin. Production of exquisite, simple and generous, more than purple, complete specifications, but its permeable, breathable performance than pen. It is used for planting pleasant and moist flowers and plants.

7.Porcelain basin: Made of porcelain mud, coated with colored glaze. Exquisite workmanship, clean and elegant, handsome in appearance. The drawback is poor drainage and ventilation. A set of pen used for decorating indoor or exhibition flowers.

8.Glazed basin: In pottery pots painted with colored glaze, beautiful appearance, various forms. Inside and outside glazed pottery basin drainage permeability is poor, equal to inside and outside a layer of glass. There is also a glazed pottery on the outer wall, because the inner wall without glaze to maintain the essence of pen, both the appearance of the beautiful and internal hydrophobic permeability, more suitable for long-term placement and planting. Foshan Shiwan produced Shiwan flower pots for the quality of the medium, elegant and beautiful both practical.

9.Water basin: There is no water hole at the bottom of the basin, various forms are used to cultivate flowers such as Narcissus

10.Plastic basin: Material lightweight, durable, rich color, cheap, easy to use. But not breathable, impermeable, in soilless culture used more. If used for planting flowers, should pay attention to the physical characteristics of the soil, so that the loose breathable, to overcome the shortcomings of plastic basin. Plastic basins are most suitable for planting more moisture-resistant flowers, such as 旱伞 grass, turtle bamboo, calla lily, Guangdong Evergreen and so on. In the nursery stage, the use of small soft plastic basin (nutrition), easy to operate.

11.Stone Basin: Natural stone, colorful, good selectivity, but heavier, unfavorable to put on the table.

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