Development history of Sprayers

- Oct 23, 2017 -

In the last century collective years, farmers farming a single, on the stubble of large wheat or rape, the middle and lower stubble mostly rice, cash crops in addition to the West melon, perhaps cotton, soybeans. At that time, the sprayer is a 80 cm high, diameter of about 25 centimeters of the cylinder. Spraying, put on the ground to play the foot gas, and then back behind, and so gas depletion, the liquid mist becomes smaller, and then put on the ground to play the full gas, and then back up ... So repeated. Wasting time, half a day can not hit a few barrels of medicine.

In the early 80, the land contracted right to the farmer's hand, the collective farm implements also had the discount cent to the household. At that time, most of the 2-3 households to cooperate with a sprayer, a family only owned $number Taiwan, spraying Tezuka, two or three farmers in turn, make use of.

Slowly, farmers to their own contracted to start scientific management, than who home food production is higher than the watermelon sweet, who sold more money than cotton. As a result, two or three of the sharing of a sprayer appears powerless. Pests in the same period occurred, said spraying drugs are sprayed, or delay the best Tezuka time.

In this way, from 1986 onwards, most people spend a 25-30 yuan of money, new to buy a backpack-like sprayer, which has become a completely "home" of the "first" sprayer. This sprayer overcomes the former spray of the shortage of air, can be back behind, one hand pressure, a hand "tobacco" spraying medicine, not delay time. Summer hot weather, a bucket of syrup back on the body, feel the coolness of the silk. So comfortable!

With the increasing of the area of multiple cropping, as well as the increase of pests and diseases, the number of sprays increases. Especially more than 20 mu of large growers, such a sprayer has completely not adapted to the reality. From the 1994 part of the busy farmers and growers, have spent nearly thousand yuan bought a third-generation sprayer, is also the first generation of mobile sprayers.

Spraying with a mobile sprayer, not only improve the production efficiency, reduce the labor intensity, five or six mu of grain through the crop, but also a few hours of time, and the wind, fog, liquid medicine to, can spray four or five meters away! Behind the back, the machine roared and hurried forward, like a passionate production concerto. Much spirit!

In the new century, farmers enjoy the convenience brought by the scientific and technological achievements under the Party's policy appeal. As the main agricultural equipment and pest control equipment, mobile sprayer, because of noise, smoke, pollution environment, as a social development of the phase-out, since 2007, a new type of energy-saving environmental protection electric sprayer, quietly entered the ordinary people home.

This sprayer can be said to set convenient, energy-saving in a plastic shell, lightweight corrosion resistance, efficiency is not worse than the mobile sprayer. No oil, no noise, back behind, switch a press, a huge slice of liquid spray to the target. How cool!

Today, the fourth generation of sprayers and stretcher-type sprayer together, but also take up the "control" of the main "role"!

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