Frequently occurring faults and elimination methods of using sprayers

- Oct 23, 2017 -

1. The spray pressure is insufficient, the atomization is bad: if because of the water ball valve to put the dirt, remove the inlet valve and remove the dirt with cloth; if the skin bowl is damaged, the new leather bowl can be replaced, and if the sealing ring is not installed because of the connection part, or the leakage of the seal ring is damaged, the sealing ring can be added or replaced.

2. Spray fog: If the nozzle body of the oblique hole is blocked by dirt, can dredge the oblique hole; but can not use wire or copper needles and other hard things to poke holes, to prevent the enlargement of the hole, so that the quality of the spray worse; if the blockage of the casing or over the water valve ball, should clean the strainer and cleaning up the small ball of dirt.

3. The switch is leaking or twisting: if the switch cap is not tightened, the switch cap should be tightened; if the washer is worn on the switch core, the washer should be replaced; the switch is not moved, the reason is placed longer, or used too long, the switch core because of the corrosion of the medicament to bond, should remove parts in kerosene or diesel oil cleaning; when there are difficulties, can be soaked in kerosene for a period of time, disassembly can be removed, not with hard objects.

4. Each connection part leaks: if because of the joint loosening, should tighten the nut; if the washer is not flat or broken, the washer should be flat, or the washer should be replaced, and the washer can be used after being soaked in the animal oil.

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