How to choose flower pots

- Oct 23, 2017 -

When choosing a flowerpot, pay attention to size and height. The flowerpot is too big, is like the thin coat clothing, affects beautiful, moreover the flowerpot is big but the plant is small, the plant absorbs water ability is relatively weak. After watering, the basin soil for a long time to keep moist, flowers and trees breathing difficulties, easy to lead to rotten roots. The flowerpot is too small to be top-heavy, and it affects root development. In addition, choose the size of the flowerpot, height has three points to reference:

The diameter of the pot mouth should be roughly in line with the plant crown diameter.

Plants with a mud pellet, placed in a flowerpot, should be left with 2-4 centimeters of space around the flowerpot in order to join the new soil.

Plants that do not carry a group of clay, after being put into a flowerpot, should be able to spread out and not bend. If the main root or fibrous roots are too long, they can be properly pruned and then planted in the basin.

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