Operation Principle of Sprayer

- Oct 23, 2017 -

At present, according to sprayer spray principle divided into four kinds.

1. Bernoulli principle

Bernoulli's principle is that in the same liquid, the flow velocity is big, the pressure is small, the velocity is small, the pressure is strong. The fluid will automatically flow from high pressure to low pressure. In the case of a three-fork tube, the low-speed flow of water flows to the high speed of the air. The water is torn into a small drop by the high speed air (imagine that the water flowing from the faucet is slow at first, and it is the column, but then it becomes a drop after the speed is gradually increased). These little drops of water spray out and become fog.

2. The principle of breaking into small water droplets after encountering obstacles at high speed

Using the water pressure into the thin tube caused by high-speed flow, high-speed water encountered obstacles after breaking into the principle of small droplets.

The situation is like plugging the faucet with your finger. Household sprayers Use this structure more cheaply.

3. Centrifugal force to the principle of liquid

is a high-speed rotating atomizing disk using centrifugal force to shake the liquid out, shredded into small droplets

Something similar to the rotation of an umbrella

4. Ultrasonic atomization principle

Vibration can cause "spray" in the water, ultrasonic vibration frequency is very high, so its "wave" wavelength is very small, so its "spray"-small water droplets are also very small, these small water droplets become fog.

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