Sprayer agricultural classification one

- May 13, 2018 -

To use the most widely used agricultural knapsack sprayer in several mainstream varieties, for a simple comparison of advantages and disadvantages for the majority of farmers in the purchase of reference. First, ordinary hand-type sprayer:

Advantages: 1, low prices. 2, easy maintenance and accessories prices are low.

Disadvantages of sprayer: 1, low efficiency, labor intensity is not suitable for large-scale operations. 2, the liquid has run, run, leak, drop phenomenon, the operator's body is easily wet by the liquid, easy poisoning is not environmentally friendly. 3, high maintenance rate too much trouble.

Second, high pressure automatic sprayer:

Advantages: 1, high efficiency (up to 3 to 4 times the normal hand sprayer), low labor intensity, continuous operation. 2. The minimum maintenance rate of wearing parts is minimal, and there is basically no use cost. 3, atomization to reach or exceed the electric sprayer, direct injection range of 7 to 11 meters.

Disadvantages: 1, the sprayer must first spend two minutes or so to press the medicine into the sprayer before spraying. 2, the use of methods and other sprayers are different to understand the instructions can be used.

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