Sprayer agricultural classification two

- May 14, 2018 -

Third, electric sprayer:

The advantages of electric atomizers are: 1. High efficiency (up to 3 to 4 times that of ordinary hand-operated sprayers), low labor intensity, and ease of use. 2, give a first impression is good, easy to sell

Its disadvantages include: 1. The capacity of the battery determines the length of the continuous operation of the sprayer. 2, too many different types of brand accessories are not universal maintenance is not easy, repair costs are too high. The battery life is almost the same after the warranty period expires. To replace it with more than 100 pieces, the pump is also prone to defects and is not very easy to repair. 3, because it involves some electrical aspects, must be maintained by professionals.

The fourth is a motorized sprayer. The advantages of the motorized sprayer are: 1. High work efficiency and good spray effect.

The disadvantages of the motorized sprayer are: 1. The purchase price is high and the use cost is high. Each bucket of water needs a few ounces of hair to a dollar of oil. 2, from the major, noise, pollution, high temperature, poor operating environment for the machine. 3, need professional maintenance.

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