Sprayer tips three

- May 17, 2018 -

For the advantage and use of the ultra-low sprayer, the ultra-low sprayer has the advantages of quickness, high efficiency, light weight, cost saving, etc. compared with commonly used sprayers when it comes to controlling flowers, trees, lawns, and crop pests and diseases. Specifically:

Less water consumption. Ultra-low-volume sprayers use a pesticide solution or only a very low dilution, so it does not require a lot of water.

Less medication. About 100 grams per acre spray liquid, instead of tens of kilograms, or even hundreds of kilograms. Therefore, when used, it can greatly reduce the labor intensity and save labor.

The droplets are evenly distributed. Ultra-low-volume sprayers do not spray the liquid directly on the plants, but rely on the wind to disperse the droplets with a diameter of only several tens of micrometers, and evenly distribute the mists to the plants under the “micro-air flow” around the plants. Positive and negative sides and sides of leaves and whole plant. In this way, the killing rate of pests is higher than that of pesticides diluted with a large amount of water, especially for some insect pests that have already developed resistance. Due to the killing function of the pesticide liquid, it is several times or even several times higher than that diluted with water.

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