The characteristics of automatic irrigation flowerpot

- Oct 23, 2017 -

Automatic irrigation: Water can last up to 12 weeks of moisture and nutrients, so that your plant in the best environment to grow, nursing simple.

Aseptic: The use of soilless culture technology, to avoid the breeding of soil parasites, so that your indoor and outdoor to maintain absolute cleanliness.

Robustness: Because its material is molded, even if accidentally fell on the ground will not be damaged.

Easy handling: The quality of the flowerpot itself is light, coupled with a roller device, you can move outside the room at will.

Anti-UV: Because of its appearance with ceramic and metallic luster of high-quality coating, even in the intense sunlight irradiation, flowerpot will not deform and discoloration.

Antifreeze: Pots can withstand any bad weather.

Environmental conservation: flower pots of mineral soil for the German import, the original matching, can be reused, both economical and environmental protection.

High-quality Products: German original import flowerpot, German technology, German manufacturing, is the guarantee of high quality.

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