Tips for using Sprayers

- Oct 23, 2017 -

1. To properly install the sprayer parts. Check whether the connection is leaking, use, first install water test spray, and then put the medicament.

2. When used formally, add water after adding the medicament, the liquid surface of the medicine can not exceed the safe water level. Before spraying, the first to shake the rod 10 more than a few, so that the pressure in the barrel up to work pressure. When the lever is shaken, it cannot be too hard to prevent the gas chamber from exploding.

3. When the first loading liquid, because the air chamber and the spray rod contains clear water, spray at the first 2-3 minutes of the liquid concentration of low, so should pay attention to the spray, so as not to affect the control effect of pests and diseases.

4. Work finished, should be in time to pour out the remaining barrels of liquid, and rinse with water to dry, at the same time, check the gas room there is no water, if there is water, to dismantle the water joints to release stagnant water.

5. If you do not use sprayers in the short term, you should clean the main parts, dry them and put them in a cool and dry place. If not in the long term, the various metal parts should be coated with butter to prevent rust.

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