Using method of ultra low volume sprayer

- Oct 23, 2017 -

Hand-held ultra low volume sprayer spraying when the head is always maintained in the height of the plant about 1 meters. Because this kind of sprayer eliminates the medicine nozzle, the medicine liquid in the bottle drops when the outflow. Therefore, when the motor is not open, the bottle should be below, the head above. When spraying, should first start the motor, and then change the location of the bottle and the head, so that the bottle in the top, bottle down, the body and the ground vertical, the liquid flow outflow.

When spraying, starting from downwind direction, the walking route should be separated from a certain distance, that is, the spray amplitude. The size of the spray should be flexible according to the wind speed. Wind speed, the spray amplitude should also be smaller, on the contrary should be larger, generally to 3 meters to 3.5 meters appropriate. Spraying time is best selected in the morning, afternoon or cloudy, to avoid sun exposure. Ultra-low volume spray is best used in internal suction, fumigation or gastric poison. The dosage is generally about 50 grams per mu. If you need to add water, you can use the "equivalent" method.

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