Brief Introduction And Advantages Of Container Seedling

- Oct 23, 2017 -


Cultivating seedlings of crops or fruit trees, flowers and seedlings with specific containers. Container filled with nutrient-rich soil and other substrates, often in plastic greenhouses, greenhouses and other protective facilities in the nursery, can make the growth and development of seedlings to obtain better nutrition and environmental conditions. Seedlings with the root of the soil, seedlings and planting in the process of damage to the root, the survival rate is high, slow seedling short, rapid growth, growing vigorously, is not resistant to transplant crops or trees particularly suitable. The method also facilitates the mechanization and automation of factory-operated seedling raising. Seedling container has two kinds: one kind has the outer wall, the inner culture medium quality, if all kinds of nursery bowl, container bag, nursery dish, nursery box and so on. Another kind of no outer wall, will rot cooked manure or peat add garden soil, and mix a small amount of fertilizer to suppress into a bowl-shaped or block, for nursery use.


In the application of container seedlings, the seedlings are planted with the root soil group (sometimes together with the container), the seedling and planting process can make the root system less damage, the survival rate is high, the hair tree is fast, and the growth is vigorous, especially suitable for the crops or trees that are not resistant to transplanting. The container has abundant nutrients in the medium such as culture soil, and the container nursery is often carried out in plastic greenhouses and greenhouse, so that the growth and development of the seedlings can obtain better nutrition and environment conditions. In addition, this method also provides convenience for the mechanized and automatic operation of the factory seedlings. Now, container seedling raising has achieved obvious effect in increasing crop yield, early vegetable harvesting period and tree nursery period.

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