Fast Seedling Container With Root Control

- Oct 23, 2017 -

The rapid seedling rearing container is a new rapid seedling technique to control root growth, which has a unique effect on preventing roots rot and coiling the main root. The root-controlled container can make the lateral shape coarse and short. Will not form a winding packing, to overcome the conventional container seedling to bring root winding defects, the total root volume increased 30-50 times, seedling survival rate of more than 98%, the nursery cycle shortened by half, after transplanting management work volume decreased by more than 50%, the container in addition to the seedling root system robust, vigorous growth, In particular, the cultivation of large seedling seedlings and transplanting in the season and the poor conditions of afforestation, has obvious advantages.

The "Control root Container" consists of 3 parts:

1. Root effect: The inner wall of the control seedling container has a special film, and the side wall of the container is convex and concave, an external protruding top opens an air hole, and when the seedling roots are exposed to the outward growth of the atmosphere (a small hole on the side wall) or any part of the inner wall, the root tip ceases to grow, and then 3 new roots germinate at the back of the root tip to continue to grow outward, When exposed to air (a small hole on the side wall) or any part of the inner wall, it ceases to grow and then, after the root tip, the minister gives 3 new roots. In this way, the number of roots increases by 3, greatly increasing the short and coarse lateral roots, and the total amount of root is 20-30 times higher than that of conventional field seedling.

2. Root effect: General seedling technology, the main root is too long, lateral roots development is weaker. The winding phenomenon of seedling root is very common by using conventional container seedling rearing method. Root-controlled technique can make the lateral root shape short and coarse, the development quantity is big, at the same time limit the main root growth, will not form the winding roots.

3. Promoting the long process: Because of the dual action of the root-controlled container and the matrix, the seedling root system is robust and can store a lot of nutrients to meet the growing demand of seedling, which creates good conditions for the survival and rapid growth of seedlings. Transplanting without injury to root, do not cut head, not subject to seasonal restrictions, simple management procedures, high survival rate, fast growth.

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