Maintenance Of The Use Of Plastic Trays

- Oct 23, 2017 -

The proper use of plastic pallets should be packaged on plastic pallets with appropriate strapping and wrapping to facilitate the use of mechanical loading and unloading and transportation to meet loading, unloading and storage requirements.

1. Plastic pallets should avoid exposure to sunlight to avoid aging and shorten service life.

2. It is strictly forbidden to throw the goods from high to plastic trays. Reasonably determine the stacking mode of the goods in the pallet. Goods evenly placed, do not concentrate stacking, eccentric stacking. Pallets bearing heavy weights shall be placed on a flat surface or on the surfaces of objects.

3. The plastic pallet is strictly forbidden to be thrown from the high place, so as to avoid the crushing and crack of the pallet caused by the heavy impact.

4. Forklift or manual hydraulic truck operation, fork Thorn as far as possible to the outside of the pallet fork hole by foot, fork Thorn should be all stretched into the tray, smooth lifting tray can change the angle. Fork Thorn can not impact the side of the pallet to avoid breakage, cracks.

5. Pallet shelves, must be used shelf-type pallet, bearing capacity according to the structure of the shelf, is strictly prohibited to use overloading.

6. When carrying corrosive goods, pay attention to the packaging and loading of goods to avoid contamination of pallets.

7. When using plastic pallets, try not to place them in damp and shady places, so as not to affect the life of plastic pallets.

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