Production Technology Of Plastic Tray

- Oct 23, 2017 -

The plastic pallet has the following four kinds of molding methods:

1. Injection Molding method.

Plastic pallet products produced by injection molding process are flat, clean, neat, dense, the product design freedom is larger, divided into two-sided integral plastic pallet and double-sided type assembled plastic pallet.

Double-sided integral pallet general product weight is more than 15 kilograms/block, the shape is more complex, requiring clamping force in more than 2500 tons of injection molding machine production. This kind of pallet modelling is complex, the investment is big, the cost is also relatively high, but because the production process is few, the production efficiency is relatively high, the product quality is good. General plastic processing plants Use this method is not much.

Double-sided Assembly tray, the two-sided integral type tray is divided into the upper and lower parts, respectively, after injection molding and then assembled. Although this product needs 2 pairs of molds, but the mold structure is greatly reduced, the total investment in the mold is still cheaper than the overall, while the requirements of the equipment clamping force is also reduced, clamping force ≥ 1500 tons can be, general plastic processing plants are more easy to do. This mode of production may become the mainstream of plastic pallet production.

2. Extrusion-Hollow blow molding method.

Plastic pallet extrusion-Hollow blow molding and general hollow products blow molding method is similar, because of its larger products, and double-sided type, the need for larger extruder, die-clamping machine and so on. At present, domestic hollow molding machine manufacturers have developed a professional high-speed production of high-strength blow molding tray of super large-scale hollow molding machine, the use of HMWHDPE high-strength plastic production, rapid prototyping, product quality, with high-strength, high stiffness, very long service life, general blow molding tray life can reach 5-10 years, At the same time can work stably in-40~40℃ environment. The dynamic load of the product can reach more than 3t, and the flexural strength reaches a higher level. It is the preferred pallet for long life and high strength use environment, its price is higher than other plastic pallets, because its service life is very long, so it's cost-effective is the highest of all trays. With the drastic reduction of the price of the forming equipment, this method has a great advantage in saving the limited oil resources and saving the logistics cost.

3. Vacuum Blister Molding method.

The plastic pallet produced by vacuum blister molding also has one-sided and two-sided types. Single-sided blister pallet is used for small motor (such as vacuum cleaner motor, electric tool motor, etc.) as well as the wire plate, such as packaging, transportation, development faster, and mainly for special purpose. Double-sided blister trays are assembled, divided into 2 forms: the top half for the extrusion of fixed-length, fixed-width plastic plate, the lower half of the large-scale vacuum blister products, upper and lower half are large vacuum blister products. The production of the process requires large-scale vacuum blister equipment, equipment costs are lower, mold costs are lower, but the product wall thickness is uneven.

4. Extrusion molding method, the plastic pallet produced by this method is assembled. That is, the use of extruder, head and other equipment, respectively, as the upper and lower panels for the plank and as a connection support with the composite wing of the I-link plate, and then assembled. The appearance of WPC has promoted the development of plastic pallet with extrusion molding. It is a natural plant fiber (including wood powder shell, straw powder, rice, etc.) and discarded plastic as the main raw material, so that the plastic pallet has both wood texture, and has the advantages of water resistance, pest control, and can be planed, saw, nails. In the 4 kinds of molding method, the production equipment, the minimum cost, the lowest price, the best performance, Beijing, Guangdong and other places have this product production.

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