Structure Of Nursery Tray

- Oct 23, 2017 -

The hole shape of the nursery is mainly square and circular, and the matrix of the square hole is about 30% more than that of the circular hole, and the water distribution is more homogeneous, and the seedling root system is more fully developed. The size of the standard hole plate is 540mmx280mm, because the diameter of the hole is different, the cavities number is between 18-800. Cultivation medium and small seedling, to 72--288 cavities dish is advisable.

The color of the nursery tray will affect the temperature of the root of the plant. The white polystyrene foam plate has good reflective property, which is used for early seedling raising in summer and autumn, in order to reflect the light and reduce the accumulation of heat in the roots of small seedlings. And in winter and spring selection of black seedling plate, because of its good absorption of light, seedling root of the green. After the seedlings grow up, they should begin to use the rapid seedling raising technology, move into the control root rapid seedling container, continue to grow.

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